Acuaria Sambil – Caracas, Venezuela


Acuaria Sambil (located in the Sambil Caracas Mall in Caracas, Venezuela) is an aquarium tank with a capacity of approximately 25,000 gallons with museum quality coral reef sculptures.

Acuaria Sambil - Caracas, Venezuela

In May of 2010, the owner contacted Lance at Captive Seas Inc. and stated that he wanted to restore the aquarium to service, but he understood that it would take a very special company to bring the exhibit back to exhibit status. Then he found Lance at Captive Seas in South Florida.

Before Lance and Captive Seas Inc. – The exhibit was over 15 years old, was empty and in disrepair. Additionally the Life Support System (LSS) equipment was very outdated and the room it is in was also unkempt and in disrepair.

After many months of planning, ordering and pulling the big project together it was ready to put together in Caracas. Lance went to Caracas with a skilled team of artisans and a huge shipment of brand new components, equipment and several big crates of beautiful new corals that were hand applied by our gifted and experienced coral sculpture technicians.

 The new corals were patiently installed, one by one and piece by piece to once again recreate a thriving underwater coral reef community. Our artisans very patiently and diligently worked about 16 hours each day until the new structures were all repaired and restored.

Lance also redesigned a new layout for the life support room and brought the latest in aquatic systems technology that would provide optimum water quality at a rate that would support over 1000+ thriving, active, and growing fish.

Aquarium Control Panel   Custom Aquarium Filters
Custom Aquarium Ultraviolet Filters   Custom Aquariums Water Filters


All of the old loose corals were discarded; the original basic sculptures were delicately and patiently restored to again replicate a natural reef structure.

New Reef Coral   New Reef Coral


Lance also designed and built a smart quarantine system that includes all new tanks and filter systems. They were assembled in Miami, shipped over to Caracas and slid into place. At that time the quarantine systems were ready to fill and start up. Predictably all was running efficiently and smoothly with only a few minor adjustments. Soon the main tank system was up and running as well.

Quarantine Tanks 1-2   Quarantine Tanks 2-4


As soon as the aquarium system was “commissioned” and cycled, the fish were added in smaller groups over time and all has been running smoothly since.

Diver feeding aquarium fish   Diver feeding aquarium fish
People admiring new aquarium   People admiring new aquarium


Lance will be returning soon to Caracas for the annual checkup and to take more photos. What an exciting project this was!

In the meantime, check out this video: